Trumping Idiocracy

If you haven’t seen the movie Idiocracy, I implore you to do so. The film was directed by Mike Judge in 2006, it portrays the world 500 years from now and predicts the future to be hilariously disturbing.


In the movie, the president is an ex-professional wrestler played by Terry Crews who goes by the name of “President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.” The only thing they use water for is in the sewage system, aka toilet water. They water their crops with “Brawndo,” which is basically Gatorade in the film, and the only reason they could do this is because Brawndo is a huge corporation that bought out the FCC, the FDA, and the USDA. The film is amazingly ridiculous, and I can’t help but think that something like this could actually happen, what with our current republican candidate in the running.

Also Murica

Trump’s said some seriously vile things, and the latest we’ve all heard is his Access Hollywood video where he says you can do anything when you’re famous, going on to say you can even “Grab em by the pussy.” This whole interaction, caught on a mic Trump was wearing, seems like a line straight out of Idiocracy, where there is constant profanity in commercials, on billboards, and where they elected an ex-professional wrestler with “Mountain-Dew” as his middle name. Though I have more faith in the real-life American people, it’s still a bit scary to imagine a future with somebody like Trump as our leader.

Take the family out for a nice dinner (spoiler warning)

After seeing this movie I cannot tell you how many times “Idiocracy” has been the first thing I think of when watching ridiculous commercials, or seeing candidates debate about climate change being a real thing or not…Come on guys, it’s 2016, and unless you plan on watering your crops with “Brawndo” in the near future, please get out and vote.

The film has also predicted a good amount of things that have come true since it’s release in September of 2006. For a nice list of those things, and some other fun facts about the movie to reality comparison, take a journey here.